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上弦香立 Half Moon

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顏色:水泥灰 / 亮面銀 

台灣製造 / 內容物:1件 / 尺寸:Ø25mm H15mm / 重量:10g


⊙ 每個香立手工打磨而成,形體、紋理、色澤略有不同


Gazing at the horizon, tracing an arc called Half Moon.
The uneven surface and imperfections reflect the passage of time, adding to its uniqueness and value.

Material: Stucco
Color: Cement gray, bright silver

Made in Taiwan / Net: 1 Piece / Size: Ø25mm H15mm / Weight: 10g

Instructions: It is recommended to use it together with an incense holder for optimal results. Clean gently with a soft brush to remove ash, or rinse with water and air dry in a well-ventilated area. Avoid prolonged immersion in water to prevent deterioration.

⊙ Each is hand-polished, resulting in slight variations in form and texture.